In the  extremely hot summers here,  air conditioner break  downs are no minor nuisance  but emergencies  that require immediate rectification.

Our  expert technicians will identify the problem and  rectify  your  A/C system with  maximum economy of time and money.
We service  all brands. So no matter what kind of air conditioner you  use, from window A/C s   to the complex chilled water systems, we are qualified enough to tackle it.

Our A/C  Services include:

  • Equipment replacement.
  • Service of all major brands of equipment.
  • Repair and Replacement.
  • Annual  Maintenance
  • Air balancing
  • Commercial refrigeration repairs

Whether you require a new installation to  cool your home, office, showroom, warehouse  or breakdown assistance we would be delighted to help!

Contact  Virginia Airconditioning & Refrigeration L.L.C. for Site Inspection and Pricing you can 04-370 7111.