Air-conditioning represents as much as 60% of the load during peak time consumption in Dubai and your electricity bill increases by almost 40% in summer!  By following the following easy tips,  it is possible for consumers to not only lower their electricity bills but also increase the overall reliability and efficiency of the electrical system:

  • Get the ductwork sealed: Prevent loss of air through ducts that have leaks and are not insulated properly.  To make matters worse, ducts will draw in hot air from the surroundings, increasing the load on your air conditioner. You might get a handyman to repair minor leakages in the ducts but only qualified staff must be hired to seal and insulate the ducts in unconditioned spaces.
  • Replace your  conventional thermostat with  a programmable thermostat:  A lot can be saved in bills by just  turning your thermostat back 10% to 15% for 4-6  hours. A programmable thermostat will help you do this easily  and you can give rest to your equipment   when you are asleep or when  the  house is not occupied.  By keeping the thermostat at  23 or 24 degrees  Celsius during electrical peak hours, you will  considerably reduce energy consumption and save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions.
  • Get  the coils of your air conditioner,  regularly inspected and cleaned by professionals: It is a well-known fact that   for every 1/100th  inch of dirt on your coil, the efficiency of that coil drops by 5%!    Dirt buildup on the indoor and outdoor coils  is the single most common cause of poor efficiency , especially with the dusty weather that we encounter here during summer.
  • Try not to use   large appliances during the peak hours of the day: In Dubai, during summers the peak hours are between 12 noon till 4 pm and  major appliances ,  even light bulbs, emit as much heat as  little heaters in your home and can have  a huge impact on the operation of your A/C system.  Try using dishwashers, washing machines,  clothes dryers, irons etc.  during the cooler hours of the evening.
  • Engage a qualified technician to  inspect your air conditioner   before  the arrival of summer: We often procrastinate when it comes to getting our A/C  systems serviced. This results in  small problems turning into  large, more expensive repairs.  Do not wait for summer. Get you’re A/C serviced before it is too late.
  • Reduce sunlight infiltration through the  east and west-facing windows: These are the windows that get the most exposure to the sun thus being a  major source of heat infiltration into your home. Get them covered with shades, curtains or better still, double glazed or laminated.
  • Do not keep the doors and windows open unnecessarily:  Leaving windows or doors open even at night time can lead to high humidity levels in your home and extra strain on your A/C system.  Your home can feel 4 to 5 degrees cooler, and you can add several years of  life to your system by keeping the humidity level down.